Tray Passed Appetizers

Chipotle Tenderloin Brochette

Succulent Beef Tenderloin Cubes Sauteed in a Unique Chipotle Sauce

Avocado and Papaya Quesadilla

Avocado, Fresh Papaya, Cilantro and Jack Cheese in a Fresh Flour Tortilla

Mango Shrimp

Steamed and Chilled Shrimp on a Skewer with Mango Chile Dipping Sauce

Mediterranean Mushroom Caps

Jumbo White Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Bacon, Onion and Smoked Gouda

Maryland Mini Crab Cakes

A Rich Blend of Lump Crab, Peppers and Spices, Hand Formed and Lightly Breaded, Accented with Remoulade Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Sweet Dates Filled with Manchego Cheese and Wrapped in Bacon – Baked to Perfection

Vegetable Quesadilla

A Zesty Combination of Colorful Peppers, Sweet Onions, Tomatoes, Aged Cheddar and Monterey Cheeses, Accented with Cilantro and a Hint of Garlic, Wrapped in a Mini Flour Tortilla

Teriyaki Beef Tenderloin Brochette

A Lean Tenderloin Strip Marinated in an Oriental Teriyaki Sauce Broiled and Finished with Toasted Sesame Seeds

Prosciutto Melon Balls

Cantaloupe Balls Wrapped with Imported Parma Prosciutto Ham

Beef Empanadas

A Flaky Pastry Filled with Spicy Beef, Caramelized Onions, Herbs and Spices

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Tender Free Range Chicken Rubbed in Jamaican Spices

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Giant Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon and Sprinkled with Brown Sugar

Petite Beef Wellington

Tender Morsels of Beef in a Rich Demi-Glaze Sauce with Mushrooms, Wrapped in a Flaky Crust

Coconut Shrimp

Fresh Jumbo White Shrimp in Beer Batter, Rolled in Coconut and Fried, Served with a Touch of Chipotle Jam


A Traditional Filipino Appetizer Filled with Shredded Vegetables and Pork or Chicken, Served with a Spicy Dipping Sauce

Caprese Skewers

Mozzarella Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes Skewered and Sprinkled with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Pinwheel Puffs

Buttery Pastry Pinwheels Filled with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil, Sweet Roasted Garlic, Pine Nuts, Baked in Olive Oil til Golden and Crispy

Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

Tender Chicken Marinated and Broiled in Oriental Teriyaki Sauce and Finished with Toasted Sesame Seeds


Bite Sized Smoked Sausages Wrapped in Lean Bacon, Sprinkled with Brown Sugar and Baked until Crisp and Golden Brown

Lobster Empanadas

A Festive Blend of Lobster, Corn, Yellow Squash, Zucchini and Jack Cheese Fill a Flaky Pastry

Italian Skewers

Mozzarella Cheese, Artichoke Hearts, Olives and Roasted Red Peppers Skewered and Sprinkled with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

Smoked Salmon and Chevre Grissini

Tangy California Cream Cheese Blended with Smoked Salmon and Fresh Chives and Placed on an Italian Grissini

Veggie Flatbread

A Delicious Flatbread Brushed with a Light White Truffle Cream Sauce, Garnished with Arugula, Sliced Pears, Walnuts and a Sprinkling of Mozarella, Baked to Perfection, Served in Slices

BBQ Shrimp with Andouille Sausage

A Fresh, Plump Shrimp in a Tangy Cajun Style BBQ Sauce Joined with a Spicy Andouille Sausage, Accented with Crisp Red and Green Peppers