Elegant Plated Dinner

Pearadise Salad

Juicy and Sweet Julienne Strips of Ripe Pears on a Mound of Crisp Organic California Greens, Sprinkled with Toasted Walnuts and Blue Cheese, Lightly Dressed with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Entree Selections

Chicken Marsala

And Elegant Sauce of Wine and Mushrooms Enrobe a Tender, Boneless Chicken Breast which has been Seasoned, Browned and Braised to Perfection


New York Strip Steak      

A Delicately Marbled Prime New York Steak Grilled to Perfection

Served with a Port Wine Reduction Sauce


Mushroom Ravioli with Creamy Truffle Sauce

Tuscan Styled Fresh Ravioli Filled with Baby Bella Mushrooms, Smothered in a Decadent and Creamy Truffle Sauce and Topped with Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheeese

Complimented By

Grilled Asparagus

Fresh Asparagus Spears Marinated in Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon Juice, Minced Garlic, Basil, Rosemary and Thyme then Grilled to Perfection


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Russet Potatoes Blended with Roasted Garlic, Sweet Butter and a Touch of Cream

Artisan Rolls/Butter